Tibet Visa and Permit rules

Rules of Tibet visa and permit are bit difficult to understand for all peoples. Many people’s think that Chinese visa in their passport can enter Tibet since Tibet is autonomous region of China. Chinese visa and Tibet permit is different. You cannot travel Tibet only with you Chinese visa. Tibet permit rules are also different, it is depend from where peoples enter. Enter Tibet is either from Nepal or from mainland China.

Tibetan permit issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau  (TTB) first one and Tibet visa issue by Chinese Embassy Kathmandu Nepal.

Foreigners enter Tibet from Nepal
Nepal is also a main transit point to Enter Tibet. From Nepal formally opened Kodari and Kerung boarder which are 5/6 hours driving from central of Nepal Kathmandu. Other than the overland transit; flight route is also in operation from Nepal. International flight from Kathmandu airport to Lhasa is daily operating in main tourist season. Foreigners only need Tibet travel permit and Tibet visa entering Tibet from Nepal. For this purpose, we only need passport scan copy at least 15 days prior and your original passport before 3 days of your entering day of Tibet from Nepal. Permit and visa of Tibet comes in passport with red stamp. Obtaining Tibet travel permit and Tibet visa are taking care by registered and travel agencies like Tibet Kailash Travel.  

Foreigners enter Tibet from China
We need to get your passport scan copy with Chinese visa copy inside your passport if you are entering Tibet from China. With all the additional documents, we apply file to Tibet Tourism Bureau for Tibet Permit. Besides that, if you are an overseas student or an expatriate working in China, you have to provide a certificate to prove that why you are staying in China. Your processed permit is expected to be issued from TTB within a week time. We will manage to deliver original copy by express from Lhasa to your hotel or residence inside China. Your permit copy is not allowed to send outside China.

When will you get the Tibet Travel Permit ?
Obtaining Tibetan permit need at least 15 days. If you are travelling only central Tibet, Permit can be also ready within a week time. To be very sure and have plenty of time, plan to apply a month before is suggested. Once you get Tibet travel permit, you additionally have to have Chinese visa in your passport in the case of enter Tibet from China. You do not need any visa in case of enter Tibet from Nepal. All the permits and visa is prepared by agencies.

Where and when will you need the Travel Permit? 
Tibet Permit is checked when you board the Tibet by train and getting boarding flights to Lhasa. Another original copy of Tibet travel permit will handle by Tibetan guide. When you reach at Tibet immigration, guide copy and your copy of permit match. Guide also does necessary formalities whenever there is a checkpoint. Your permit will be checked on your way to different attractions outside Lhasa, such as travel from Lhasa to Shigatse, Lhasa to EBC, Lhasa to Namtso, Mount Kailash and more.

What is the cost for Tibet Permit? 
Tibet permit is applying only after confirming your tour with package. The minimum package includes guide, transportation and permits. Additionally accommodation and entrance fees too. When you come via China, you get Chinese visa first which cost may be different as per nationality and as per country’s embassy. When you enter from Nepal, the Tibet visa cost following
American passport holder: USD 175
Canadian Passport Holder: USD 155
Romanian: USD 122
Israel: USD 80
Others: USD 85
Serbian: 26

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Tibet Travel Permit without Tour package?
Since Tibet local government strictly rule that foreigners want to travel Tibet are not allow only to get permit and travel solo. They need to take tour package from Travel Company and permits; visa should go through travel companies.