Tibet Everest Base Camp - How to reach

Everest Base Camp 5,200 miters from Tibet give clear view of North side of Mount Everest where south base camp (5,380m) is in Nepal. It is located in Tingri country, Shigatse Tibet, 3.6 kilometers south of Rongbuk Monastery.

How to Reach Everest Base Camp – Tibet
Reach from Lhasa by drive: Private transportation from Lhasa to Everest base camp takes 2 days. There is no any shuttle bus to reach EBC. All the foreigners other than Tibetan are compel to take a package and special travel permit from registered tour company. Tour Company manages the entire permit, transportation, guide, accommodation and other necessary documents. There is no any flight from Lhasa to EBC or nearby; only one way is to drive. From Lhasa drive through Yamdrok Lake, Gyantse city, Shigatse, Tashilampo Monastery, Tingri and other typical Tibetan villages.

Reach from Kathmandu Nepal by drive: The overland Tour from Kathmandu Nepal reach at Everest Base Camp Tibet within 3 days driving. The famous 7 nights 8 days tour running regular from Nepal is specially targeting Everest base Camp and Lhasa Tibet. It is overland tour through Kerung boarder to Tingri, Ronbuk, to Everest Base Camp, Shigatse and to Lhasa.

Rough road and North Everest view.
The road between Tingri and Everest Base Camp is quite bumpy. Arrive at Ronbuk monastery with private transportation. Another 3.6 kilometers towards base camp does not allow any other transportation. Reach there either hiking or take shuttle bus. It is another 8 kilometer from Ronbuk to Everest Base Camp.    

Highest post office in Everest Base Camp
A simple tent as a post office in EBC sends letters, postcards, sells Tibetan stamps, provide a memorial postmark service. You can send memorial post cards to your beloved one from Everest base Camp.

Reach Tibet Everest Base Camp by bike riding
Everest Base Camp from Tibet is connected with road. Well paved road up to Tingri and base of Ronbuk. Rough but still good conditions roads are inside National park area leads to Ronbuk monastery further to Everest Base camp. Private transportations including motorbikes are not allowed to ride further from Ronbuk monastery. Shuttle buses are available from here. Short hiking around base camp is possible here. Motorbike tour starts from Lhasa or from Kathmandu Nepal. 4 days ride from Lhasa or from Kathmandu reach at Everest Base Camp.      

Cycling to Everest Base Camp
The adventure tour cycling Lhasa Kathmandu including Everest Base camp is famous as world’s longest cycling route at high altitude plateau land. About 20 days tour plan starts at Lhasa and end at Kathmandu Nepal. An entire tour is as fully organizes for hotels and camping in most of the remote places of Tibet.   

                                           Unforgettable moment of watching sunrise and sunset view of Everest north face from Tibet side.

Accommodation at EBC.
Basic guest houses are available at Runbuk. There are no any ghest houses or tent houses further from here. If there are flows of the peoples, beds in tent hostels are available. Tent hostel has 10 beds with quilts, but in peak season a tent often sleeps more than 10.

  • Toilets are outside the tent hostels in small tents or huts, either chemical or squat pits.
  • Hot water is available, but there are no showers.
  • Chinese food is provided and maybe instant coffee in the morning. If you don't like Chinese food like fried rice, Chinese noodles, pork, etc., bring enough food with you.
  • Keeping warm: Stoves burning cow dung are used to keep warm (without a bad smell). Due to the high altitude, it's cold and the wind is strong, especially at night. Bring enough warm clothes to keep warm.
  • Electricity: Lights go out at midnight when the generator is switched off. There is low voltage at EBC, so you are advised to charge your phone, camera, and flashlight in Shigatse before going to EBC.

Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour with Tibet Kailash Travel
Tibet Kailash Travel is one of the authorize travel company operating Tibet Kailash Tours throughout the year. Accept month of March, we do have every week departure plan in normal Tibet tour of 7 nights 8 days. 7 Nights 8 day Tibet tour plan is to drive in from Nepal and tour end at Lhasa after visiting EBC. Join Tibet group Tour or make private tour plan starts tours either from Lhasa or from Kathmandu Nepal. Month of May till September can join our small group tour to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar. This is 10 days tour plan including Kailash Parikrama.  

Trekking to Advance Everest Base Camp: Drive to Shigatse region Tingri and Ronbuk either from Lhasa or from Kathmandu. All the way driving and staying in the local guest houses up to Ronbuk and fully camping service during advance base camp of Everest. First itinerary is about 6 days.  

  • Trek to Everest Base camp, rest and acclimatization. It is regular way that shuttle buses reach up to from Ronbuk.
  • Trek to camp I, trek to east side of Ronbuk glacier. The trekking trail is the same trail that expeditions use to climb Mount Everest from Tibet side. Camp and overnight at the altitude of 5,460 miters.
  • Rest and acclimatization at camp I
  • Trek to cam II about 5,970 miter altitude
  • Trek to Everest advance Base camp (6,340 miters) and return to camp II for overnight
  • Trek down to base camp and return to Ronbuk.
    Ronbuk Glacier during Everest advance base camp trekking in Tibet
                Tented camp and Ronbuk glacier view during Mount Everest advance base camp trekking in Tibet 

Optional itinerary including Cho Oyu base camp, Lamna La pass including Everest advance base camp. Drive to Shigatse region up to Tibgri. Starts either from Kathmandu Nepal of from Lhasa Tibet.   

  • Drive from Shigatse to LaoTingri - Langkor Monastery (4490m)
  • Trek Langkor monastery to Cho Oyu Base Camp (5100m)
  • Trek Cho Oyu Base Camp to foot of Lamna La Pass (4750m)
  • Trek to Dzakarchu river - Rongbuk Monastery (5000m)
  • Rongbuk to Everest Base Camp (5,250m/17,220ft)
  • Acclimatization and Exploration at Everest Base Camp
  • Everest Base Camp to Japanese camp I (5,460m)
  • Camp I to Camp II (5,970m
  • Trek to Everest Advanced Base camp and back to camp II
  • Return to EBC and drive back