Tibet start to issue travel Permit for Norwegian nationality

Year 2019, Tibet starts to issue Tibet travel permit for Norwegian passport holder. After eight years of restrictions, China resumed relations to allow Norwegian tourist visit to Tibet. Now onwards tourist from Norway can visit Tibet entering either from mainland China or from Nepal same as other tourist. There are only two best ways to enter Tibet for every foreigners. Tibet travel permit need at least 15 to 20 days period. Procedure for Tibet travel permit is entirely looking after registered travel company like Tibet Kailash Travel. No individual tourist can directly issue and travel Tibet as freelance.   

How to get Tibet travel permit for Norwegian?
Not only Norwegian passport holder, for all the tourist we need at least six month valid passport copy by email to procedure permit. There are two rules of getting permit for all foreigners.  

01. If Enter Tibet from mainland China
Mainland china is key entering point to Tibet. Tourist need to send passport copy, Chinese visa copy and photograph for the Tibet permit. We will look after every permit procedure and send it by courier within mainland China. You should overnight at least one night in mainland China before entering Tibet. You also should provide us your hotel full address. Sending your original Tibet travel permit out of China is strictly prohibited and you cannot board train or plane from China to Tibet without this permit.

02. If Enter Tibet from Nepal
There are two legally opened immigration in between Nepal and Tibet. Kerung and Taklakot. You just need to send us your passport copy for Tibet travel permit if you travel Tibet from Nepal. No need any Chinese visa. You have to land Kathmandu Nepal at least 3 working days before to handover your original passport and recently taken visa photograph.

Reach Tibet from Norway
- Travel Tibet from Norway via China. There in only one international airport in Tibet that is Lhasa. From Norway, there is no any direct flight for Lhasa Airport. You should board    first for China. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Chengdu. From these main cities of China you again can fly to Lhasa airport or train to Lhasa.  
- Travel Tibet from Norway via Kathmandu Nepal. From Kathmandu Nepal is also another best way to enter Tibet. Either driving in or fly in to Lhasa airport. There should be       connecting flight from Norway to Kathmandu. Bangkok, India, Chengdu are the main flight transaction to Kathmandu.

Plan to travel Tibet with us
Foreigners are compulsory by Tibet government to take Tibet travel package from registered local travel agent. None of the tourist are allow to travel Tibet individually. We Tibet Kailash Travel are based in Tibet and Nepal operating entire Tibet tour from our established. We can offer you your private tour or our small group tour to Tibet. The main season of Tibet travelling is from March to October.

Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash Parikrama Starts from Valley of the God, Western Tibet