Kailash Tour 2024

Kailash tour 2024, the main seasonable months starts from May and it goes till September. Month of April and month of October still operate the group tour to Kailash but the temperature during those two months is more cold and ice on the way of Kailash Kora path. Big Indian group used to operate in Kailash via Nepal route every year before KOVID-19 pandemic. After Kailash tour resumed from 2023, Kailash permit for Indian passport holders are not permitted by Tibetan government. The reason of not permitting for Indian passport holder is unknown to the tour operators. Kailash tour in 2024 probably the same but other than Indian passport holders are easily getting permit and visa. There are two ways of operating Kailash tour in 2024. One is to arrive Lhasa and drive to western part of the Tibet, another way is to start the tour from Nepal. Both the tour are overland from 10 to 13 days plan.

Visa and permit procedure of Kailash tour in 2024

All foreigners, Nepali passport holders need to get Kailash permit and visa to visit Kailash in 2024. It is as usual as previous year. There are different procedure to get visa and permit of Kailash in the tour arriving Lhasa Tibet and from Kathmandu Nepal. Those tourist who arrive in Lhasa is via mainland China need to issue Chinese visa in their passport from their country. Kailash entry permit is issued by government approved travel company need passport copy and copy of Chinese visa by email. To issue the permit, it takes about three weeks time. Entering Tibet need to bring Kailash original permit that drop to mainland China. With this reason, you have to stop one overnight in any main town of China and get an overnight hotel booking. We are not allow to post your original Tibetan permit out of Tibet and China.

Entering Kailash from Nepal does not need to issue Chinese visa in your passport previously. Send us passport scan by email and other information that we provide at the time of booking will be enough. It is same three weeks of time duration to proceed Kailash permit. Another 4 working days time need in Kathmandu Nepal with your original passport to get final Kailash visa from Chinese Embassy. To get the permit from TTB entering from Nepal need minimum five peoples in a same group.

Join Kailash tour 2024 with our company. We are experience travel and tour operator operating Kailash pilgrimage tour from Nepal and China. Get our different departure dates from month of May till month of September. Email or message us to get more details. 

Kailash visa rejection possibilities

As per our experience, there are some cases with the persons get reject of Kailash permit from TTB and Kailash visa from Chinese Embassy Nepal. The clear reason of the rejection does not mentioned to the apply agent and tourist. In the case of visa reject, we are not able to make any changes or any request to sort it out. Person self may go to the embassy to clarify more.  

Itinerary of Kailash overland tour 2024 from Nepal

Most of the trip to Kailash is going to operate from Nepal. The private group tour and group joining tour from Nepal operate by different travel agencies. Foreigners passport holders get on arrival visa of Nepal and does not need to issue any other visa previously from their country. All the paper work for the permit and visa is done by travel agents. Normal overland tour to Mt Kailash is 9 nights 10 days but including days in Kathmandu for visa preparation, your tour itinerary became 16 days total including days of arrival and departure.

Day 01: Arrival in Nepal
Day 02 - 05: Visa preparation, visit around the Kathmandu valley and drive to boarder site.
Day 06: Cross the immigration and drive to first Tibetan town Kerong
Day 07: Drive to Saga
Day 08: Acclimatization day at Saga
Day 09: Drive to Lake Mansarovar
Day 10: Day in Lake Mansarovar and late afternoon drive to Darchen town for overnight
Day 11: First day of Kailash Parikrama, reach Dirapuk for overnight
Day 12: Second day of Kailash kora reach Juthulpuk via Dolma La pass
Day 13: End of the Kailash parikrama, drive back to saga for overnight
Day 14: Driving back to Kerung town
Day 15: Cross the immigration back to Kathmandu
Day 16: Departure day

Kailash tour itinerary in 2024 from Lhasa

The second route of the Kailash tour in 2024 is via Lhasa the capital of Tibet. Lhasa is connected with the flight and train from mainland China. Only one international flight is connected Lhasa from Kathmandu Nepal. The normal tour itinerary of Kailash from Lhasa is 13 days. Group joining is not compulsory, tour starting from Lhasa so that you can make lots of customization in the plan to have own private tour. Important is to overnight at least one overnight in mainland China to collect your original Tibet travel permit.

Day 01: Arrival in Lhasa
Day 02 and 03: Days in Lhasa to visit main attraction and acclimatization
Day 04: Drive to Shigatse
Day 05: Drive to Saga
Day 06: Drive to Lake Mansarovar
Day 07: Drive to Darchen after enough time in Lake
Day 08: Start first day of Kailash Parikrama, Dirapuk for overnight
Day 09: Second day of Kailash Parikrama via Dolma La, reach Juthulpuk
Day 10: End of Kailash Parikrama, drive back to Saga
Day 11: Driving back to Shigatse
Day 12: Driving back to Lhasa for overnight
Day 13: Departure from Lhasa    

Kailash tour with other sites to add in your itinerary

There are other interesting place to add in Kailash tour itinerary. Everest base camp is the one on the way from Lhasa to Saga town to include is Kailash tour plan. Including Everest base camp driving tour add one more day in the itinerary. Guge Kingdom is nearby the Kailash region can include in the plan which is more two days to add. During the Kailash Parikrama, can add another one day and include Charansparsa going to Inner Kailash. Asthapath is way to walk Saptarishi cave and Nandi hill is also another sites to include in the plan. Driving with local jeeps and visit Sailung Gumba is possible. It is also the place to view closer of Mt Kailash south face.  

Kailash group joining and private tour in 2024

Individual or less than four person a group can join the fixed departure dates. To issue Kailash entry permit, there should be at least four peoples in one group if tour starts from Kathmandu Nepal. Group joining tour is also to reduce the tour cost. Compulsory group joining tour is not mandatory if tour starts from Lhasa but we offer group joining tour from Lhasa also to reduce the trip cost.   

Accommodation in the Kailash region

Hotels and guest houses are comparatively more facilitated in Kailash region now a days. There are simple to luxury accommodation in Lhasa Shigatse and Gyantse cities. Only three star hotels are available in Saga and Darchen. There are only basic mud houses in Lake Mansarovar, Dirapuk and in Juthulpuk. Toilet and shower facilities in these three places are complicate.     

Foods during the tour

For the group who are originally from Indian but holding other passport, we recommend to send cooking team from Nepal. Local foods from the local Tibetan and Chinese style restaurant does not suit much. Because lack of the enough foods, Kailash tour plan can be affected to finish properly. Tourist who are also used to with Chinese style foods, can rely on local foods. Tour cost is less in using foods from local restaurant. Your Tibetan guide can help in ordering foods from local peoples at local restaurant who does not speak English.

Kailash tour 2024 in short points

- Kailash can visit from Nepal and from China
- Private tour or group joining tour is available in 2024
- Visa preparation is different entering from Lhasa and from Nepal
- Indian passport holders are not sure getting Kailash permission in 2024
- Accommodation during Kailash tour is in local guest house, Hotel and Mud house
- 3 days trekking involve during Kailash Parikrama
- Tibet Kailash travel provide fix departure dates of Kailash tour in 2024