Mount Kailash Tour from Nepal

Kailash Tour from Nepal
Nepal is main and suitable entry point to Mount Kailash Mansarovar Lake lies in western Tibet Ngari region (TAR). The most suitable point short trip and with reasonable cost is overland tour to Kailash from Kathmandu. Kailash tour operator in Nepal look after every arrangement with good staff team. This is also another reason Kailash tour from Kathmandu is easier.   

Benefit to start your Kailash Tour from Nepal
: The first benefit starting your Kailash tour from Nepal is about visa. We do look after visas and necessary entry permit for Kailash. Client no need to take any action for Chinese visa or any other visa. With your passport copy by email, Tibet travel permit will be ready. You only have to arrange your arrival 3 days before from starting your Kailash tour caz we need your original passport for final Tibetan visa 3 days before in Nepal.  
Opportunity visit Nepal: Starts your Kailash tour from Nepal get opportunity to visit Nepal before starting your Kailash tour. There should be 3 days times to get original Tibetan visa with your original passport from Nepal. In these days, you will have time to choose your visit in Nepal.
Helpful guiding team: Starting your Kailash trip from Nepal will get very helpful friendly working team touring with you.  
Nepal Tibet immigration (tibet side) near Kerung. It is about 7 hours driving to reach thi immigration from Kathmandu. Overland tour to Kailash is operating from this route since 2016

How can we reach Mount Kailash Mansarovar from Nepal?
There are three routes to reach Tibet/ Kailash from Nepal. Overland tour to Kailash is via Kerung boarder. Tatopani Kodari in Sindhupalchok district was the previous route and waiting again to reopen. Second route is via Lhasa. Kathmandu Nepal is among one in the few international flight connecting to Lhasa Airport. It is about one hour flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa and drive to Kailash region which takes another 2 days. The third route is Hilsa the Simikot region. Helicopter flight or a week trekking plan reach at Hilsa Tibetan boarder, which is very near from Lake Mansarovar and Mount Kailash.

Visa and permit rules
Simply sending passport copy to Nepal tour operator is enough. We look after Kailash travel permit only with your passport copy. Passport copy need at least a month before from travel date. For Indian passport holder, original passport should deliver to Delhi office to get final approval of Tibet visa from Delhi Chinese Embassy. Original passport can be send by blue dart currier. It also suggest to fly with election card if flying to Nepal in this tour. Your visa with your original passport will arrive in Nepal before you starts travelling to Mount Kailash.

Visa rules for foreigners other than Indian passport holder is different. We need passport scan copy by email before a month and arrive in Nepal before 3 working days. Final Kailash visa is issued by Chinese embassy Kathmandu with permit copy from Tibet.   

How much does it cost to go Kailash from Nepal?
The cheapest way to reach Kailash from Nepal is overland tour. Including your Kathmandu stay, including arrival and departure days it is 13 to 14 days trip. You will also easily get joining group, if you are small group size or single person, cost of the tour is more expensive if you do single or small group tour. In 2020 cost of Indian pilgrimage is up to INR 140,000 per person and for foreigners USD 2100 per person. Tibet kailash travel also run small group tour only for foreigners other than Indian passport holders. Fixed departure dates are available from May month till October. Cost of this tour is USD 1850 per person. Cost can be change for some nationalities because Tibetan visa cost is different for American, Canadian, Romanian, Brazilian and Portuguese.    

Kailash tour cost for 11 days and 9 days Helicopter tour is with different cost. There is simikot trekking and Kailash driving tour for small foreigners group which also have different cost as per group size. Send us Email for more details., 

Nepal to Mount Kailash Overland Tour
It is 14 days tour. Arrive at Kathmandu, wait for your final visa issued by Chinese embassy, while you will be doing sightseeing in Kathmandu valley to explore major pilgrimage, heritage sites. Drive to Tibet boarder, it is just about 135 kilometer from Kathmandu to reach first Tibetan town. 7/8 hours driving through Langtang National park reach at Kerung Tibet. Second day acclimatization in the same place and heading to Mount Kailash region. After Kailash Parikrama/ Kailash Kora driving same way back to Kathmandu. Entire management is looking after by Tibet Kailash Travels including Tibet permits and visa.

Nepal to Mount Kailash by Helicopter
Kailash Helicopter tour is not entire with helicopter. 11 days tour fly with regular flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung. Next day flight from Nepaljung to Simikot which is one of the remote area flight by tiny aircraft. It flies between big hills and narrow breeze. Flight can be disturb up to cancel with weather condition in this section. After landing in Simikot, fly with 5/6 seater helicopter to Nepal Tibet boarder Hilsa. Helicopter is only on this section. No any heli flights are allow in Tibetan land. Cross immigration by walking. Drive to Taklakot for first overnight in Tibet side. Reach at Lake Manasarovar after one extra day stay in Taklakot for acclimatization. Same way back to Kathmandu after Mount Kailash Parikrama. This tour also can be 9 days and can starts from Nepaljung. Direct arrive in Nepaljung for Indians through Lucknow and cross Rupaidia boarder, boarder between Nepal and India.   

Nepal to Mount Kailash via Lhasa
1 hour flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu Nepal. This is also a great opportunity exploring big monasteries, Tibetan cultures and unique Tibetan cities before reaching remote area of Mount kailash Mansarovar. About 17 days tour starts and end at Kathmandu Nepal. One way flight to Lhasa and another way can be driving back via Kerung Rasuwagadi to Kathmandu.        

Documents needed for Kailash tour from Nepal
    Indian passport Holder

  • Passport scan copy by email
  • Original passport at Delhi our office (You can send by courier) before 10 days from your trip starting date

Foreigners other than Indian passport holder

  • Passport copy by email
  • Original passport in Kathmandu before 3 working days
  • A visa picture (White background, clearly seen two of your ears), no eye glass
  • Fill an embassy form once you are in Kathmandu (we will provide you)   

Packing list for Kailash tour from Nepal
There are not much things you need to bring for Kailash tour. There are plenty of shops in Kathmandu you can buy every goods you need during Kailash tour. You normally need both types of clothes for hot and cold temperature

you can come to Nepal with any type of bag, Suitcase or any other. Tibet Kailash Travel provide you a duffel bag in Kathmandu to keep your things that you need during Kailash Tour. Comfortable hand carry bag is on your choice.

  • Head cover warm cap
  • Muff to cover your mouth to safe from dry wind
  • Warm down jacket 1 pair (You also can borrow if from us)
  • Inner warm thermal and trouser 1 pair
  • Warm sweeter 1 pair
  • Wind proof jacket
  • 2 or 3 pairs T-shirt or shirt
  • Warm trekking trouser 1 pair
  • Light trouser or half paint 1 pair
  • Rain coat cover body including your hand bag if raining during walking around Kailash
  • Light warm walking shoes 2 pairs
  • Sandal 1 pair
  • Light warm socks 3 pairs
  • Warm cotton socks 2 pairs 
  • Lip care or Lip guard
  • Sunglass
  • Your mobile and charger
  • Camera, battery and charger
  • May be power bank to charge your Mobile or camera
  • Useful medicines
  • Tooth paste and brush
  • Sun cream / lotion

Important note: Advice not to bring any book, poster related Lama and Tibet.
Bring at least 6 month valid passport
Bring the same passport that you send us at the time of booking

Customize your Kailash tour itinerary 

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  2. Kailash tour with Everest Base Camp Tibet
  3. Lhasa Kailash Guge Kingdom Tour
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